You may call it your niche, your unique selling proposition, or your unique contribution. Whichever phrase you choose to use it is essential for you to know your business’s unique contribution in order to be successful.

Your business’s unique contribution is exactly how it sounds: it’s what makes your business different from every other business out there. It identifies how you contribute to society. I believe that every business starts by wanting to help others…to contribute in some way.

Knowing your unique contribution is knowing who your perfect customers are and why they choose to do business with you. There is room for every business owner to be successful if you are clear about what makes you unique and how you stand out from your competition.


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Think about how many hair salons, Realtors, lawyers, dentists, grocery stores, and mattress stores there are just in your community. Nowadays, with just a touch of your fingers, you can access businesses all over the world.

When I started my business 33 years ago, you generally just patronized who is in your community or whom you can find in the phonebook. (Now that has dated me.)

Today, not only do you have more competition within your community, thanks to technology your competition has expanded beyond your community — even throughout the world.

In this information age, why should a customer do business with you? Why you?

As a business owner, I’ve come to know a lot of businesses — some of which were successful, and many others which have failed. Here are three of the top reasons businesses fail to try to help keep that from happening to you.

Why Businesses Fail

  1. No Differentiation in the Marketplace — this means that there’s a lot of noise and chaos for those without uniqueness. This can be the slow killer of many businesses. Make sure you know the true value that you bring to the table that is unique from everyone else.
  2. Failure to Message Your Value in a Clear, Concise, and Compelling Manner — without communicating in a clear and concise way how you are different, you may not be able to attract your perfect customers.
  3. No Meaningful Conversations With Others — your customers hold the key to your business’ success through their values, hopes, dreams, and desires. Find our what they want to accomplish and how you can help them do that.

Working with a business success facilitator like me, you can identify how you are different from everyone else in the marketplace, clarifying a successful direction for your business, and mapping your company’s top priorities with a plan to reach them.

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