Plan Your Business Success


Plan Your Business Success The object of your business is to love what you do and to make plenty of money doing it. Being busy doesn’t necessarily equal productivity in your work. Maybe you strive for customers only to be disappointed in little to no interest. To always move forward and be productive, motivated and engaged requires staying on purpose, being clear about the successful direction of your business, and taking the right actions to accomplish this. When was the last time you took the time to outline a plan that is meaningful, concise and simple? Do you create a plan [...]

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When there is a big gap between how much money you have and how much money you desire or need for your business’s success, it is time to assess where your alignment is off and get you back on track.

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Build YOUR Marketing Strategy


Do you have a productive marketing strategy that you are currently executing with enthusiasm and passion and that is leading your perfect customer to your service and/or product?

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It IS All About You! A Poem to Inspire.


It IS All About You!" - a poem I wrote for you to inspire you to think about who you would be if you lived the life you want and follow your passion.

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Target Your Unique Contribution for Your Perfect Customer and/or Employee


Some call it a niche, unique selling proposition or unique contribution. What makes it essential that as a business owner or entrepreneur you know your business’s unique contribution? The five reasons why it is one of the most important things to know for your business’s success is that you will: Know how your business stands out or differentiates from your competition. Be able to target market for your perfect customers and employees. Attract your perfect customers and employees. Be guided to make decisions and choices in your business that matter the most for your business’s success. Be driven by your business’s [...]

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Cultivate these 6 P’s (Principles) for Business Success


For just a minute let’s compare your business to a garden you want to create, grow and watch bloom. You probably already understand that having a garden isn’t about just planting a seed into the ground and it magically grows to full health and height. Well, your business isn’t going to do that either. First you must plan for what kind of seeds you want to grow and how and where you want to grow them in your garden. Next you prepare the ground by digging and loosening the soil for the selected seeds. You plant your seeds with love and [...]

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