An elevator speech is a brief speech that outlines an idea for a product, service or project. The name comes from the notion that the speech should be delivered in the short time period of an elevator ride, usually twenty to sixty seconds.

Your goal when you have constructed a compelling elevator speech is that you are able to say quickly the value you bring to the table in your business in such a way that potential customers will be interested in hiring you to solve their problems. But there is a second goal that is as important. For you to be clear and able to communicate your business’s value and why customers should hire you. Oftentimes, you see the value in others and don’t have a clear understanding of what your value is.

In March’s workshop we worked on messaging your value effectively. As I have written about previously, it is important to your business success to first be able to differentiate from everyone else in the marketplace; and then second, you must be able to have a clear, concise and compelling message to attract your perfect customers. This particular message needs to be four to seven words long, have meaning to you and it will identify your value.

I’ve never said an elevator speech to anyone in an elevator. However, I do understand the importance of having and communicating a consistent marketing message that resonates with why you do what you do and why your customers need to hire you to solve their problems. Your slogan is on the top tier of your marketing message and then your elevator speech will be explaining your slogan. When put all together, they will both be consistent to the value you bring in your business and why you should be hired.

The next workshop will be April 24th from 12 – 1:30 p.m. We will be constructing a compelling elevator speech to help potential, perfect customers choose to do business with you; and for you to be clear and concise about the value you bring in your business.

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