For entrepreneurs and small business owners, the idea of a marketing strategy can often be both exciting and intimidating at the same time. If you’re passionate about your business, it’s hard not to be enthusiastic about promoting your products and services. On the other hand, if you’re not a marketer by trade, coming up with a strategy of your own might be overwhelming.

Remember to stay focused on your passion and create a plan that energizes you. A strategy that drains you will only suck your energy and dedication, and you’re likely not to follow through with it. As you work on your plan, be sure to include these three components.

1. Communication

You must be able to communicate your product or service clearly for people to buy. Your goal here is to build awareness of your work while identifying how your work will solve the problems of your customers.

To make your communications most effective, take the time to think about who you are trying to reach through your marketing. Who is your best customer? Why? How will your work make their lives easier or better? Think about where they work and live, what their family lives might be like, what their backgrounds may be. The idea is to build a mental picture of a person you can think about and address with your marketing. It doesn’t mean you’ll be ignoring everyone else, but most of your efforts should be focused on those most likely to purchase from you.

2. Expertise

Your customers must know how you are different form everyone else in the marketplace. What makes you excellent? How will you specifically help your customers?

To answer these questions and communicate them to your audience, start with identifying your personal core values and how those parallel your business core values. These values include activities, preferences, and behaviors that you are naturally drawn to and represent the essence of who you are. What do you stand for? Why do you do business the way you do?

This is how you will define how you want others to know you, and this will separate you from your competitors.

3. Cohesiveness.

Your message and your brand should merge cohesively to highlight your expertise in a compelling manner. Your efforts need to be coordinated as your audience is likely to encounter your brand in a variety of places and you want them to be able to identify who you are on sight.

To be cohesive, you should align both your visuals and your message with your brand. Make sure your marketing pieces look the same by using the same fonts, colors, and familiar graphics. The content should use a consistent voice and message so your readers can recognize you.

Making a Good Impression

Your marketing strategy should work to give people who are brand new to your business a powerful first impression, and then maintain that energy whenever anyone interacts with you, your products, and your services. Remember, it is also important that you stay consistent with yourself and your core values as the authenticity you bring to your marketing is the most essential element of all.

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