Business Lessons Learned from Biosphere 2


FOLLOWING A POOR PLAN IS EVEN WORSE THAN HAVING NO PLAN Have you heard of the Biosphere 2 Experiment? As business owners and entrepreneurs there are a lot of lessons to be learned from it. First let me give you some history on the Biosphere 2. Biosphere 2 is a sealed glasshouse complex near the small town of Oracle, north of Tucson, Arizona. It was completed in 1991, funded by a Texan oil billionaire, Edward P. Bass, whose vision was that it could be a step towards the colonization of Mars by humans. With this in mind, the complex was designed [...]

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Here’s to 2019!


Happy New Year! Whew. It's a busy time of year. With all the busyness that comes with owning a business it's important to take the time to plan for 2019. I get all of the time consuming activities you are plagued with. As a business owner myself these last few months of the year including January is the most hectic time. There are many loose ends to be tied into a pretty bow before heading into the new year and starting fresh. For instance, you have health insurance renewals. Nailing down a health plan that will meet your employees and employers’ [...]

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Discover Your Business Core Values


  DISCOVER YOUR BUSINESS CORE VALUES Your core values are preferences, activities or behaviors that you are naturally drawn to. They represent who you are at the core. As a business owner, your personal core values will parallel your business values. An important key to your business success is utilizing all of your core values in your business. If a core value is missing in your business, you will feel as if a key component is missing; your business will not operate at full capacity – and neither will you. From the dictionary, value means “to consider with respect to worth, [...]

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It IS All About You! A Poem to Inspire.


It IS All About You!" - a poem I wrote for you to inspire you to think about who you would be if you lived the life you want and follow your passion.

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