Success Stories

As a business coach and success facilitator, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing entrepreneurs and business owners. Here are just a few of the success stories told by my clients who have believed, aspired, and reached to achieve their dreams.

“My time with Reneé was well spent. She brought her experience, knowledge, patience and encouragement to our meetings. I found Reneé’s process fun and effective. I like that she took the time to find the right word, phrase or sentence that resonated with me personally. You can tell she has a true passion for business and helping other business owners. I would recommend her to all my family, friends and business associates.”

Andrea Regan

Hawk Health

“Reneé Perry displays the unique ability to supply the tools needed to help unlock your talents, organize your thoughts and guide your actions through the process of getting comfortable jumping over personal and business hurdles.”She facilitates recognition of your personal strengths and weaknesses, and how each affects your decisions. I have a deep respect for Reneé’s business skills and judgment.”

Sue Anne Gott

President, Tall Grass Signs

“One of the greatest challenges that self-employed business people face is how to keep moving forward and stay motivated. It is a special skill-set that Reneé Perry has in providing the services to restore and maintain positive focus for business owners.My personal experience was one which often times I knew I had the abilities to succeed with my business. However, sometimes it seemed like looking through a maze of ups, downs or dead ends that usually resulted in much frustration. Reneé has the unique ability to identify the road blocks and help clarify an efficient course of action. Reneé’s function as a coach, motivator, hand holder, cheerleader or played any role needed to secure a successful outcome.With Reneé’s expertise and skill, I ended up having a transformational year. I feel more focused in envisioning successful outcomes and the fact that my business income increased by 27% over last year is a strong testimonial.I would not hesitate to recommend Reneé’s services to anyone who feels like they need to get ‘unstuck’ in their life. Whether it is business or personal, I’m confident that Reneé can have a positive impact in improving your life.”


Miki Jarvie

Distributor, Shaklee

“Reneé is great to work with. She has helped me to set goals and objectives. Then we work together to develop a plan to achieve those goals. All of this is done with a personable and professional attitude. I highly recommend Renee if you are serious about attaining what you really want in life.”

Steve Spratt

Chicago Board Options Exchange

“Reneé is a great coach who brings a lot of insight to the meeting. She helped me see my life in a way that uplifts me and confirms my position is ‘exactly where it needs to be’ rather than think ‘I’m not good enough…” She was able to share her knowledge with me on various topics to help me explore and organize my business and personal life to be more positive, content and ‘think out of the box.’ for growth. I would recommend Reneé Perry’s coaching!”

Terry Thomas

National Sales Manager

“Reneé is an amazing person. She has many great qualities that are an asset to her coaching. She will never offer you a service that you do not need because she truly wants to help you achieve success personally and within your business.”

Amy O’Sullivan

Branch Manager, State Bank of Illinois

“Reneé’ is very passionate and positive about what she does, which transfers to everyone she’s around. She has the talent to help you discover your talent and focus. Reneé has been awesome to work with because she is understanding, honest and experienced.For me, personally, Reneé has helped me initiate taking steps to my small business. I felt very lost with the idea of working for myself especially at the age of 23. I was very apprehensive and intimidated by the idea at first, but Reneé broke down the process until it didn’t feel so overwhelming. She worked with me at my speed and knew when to push and when to hold off. She helped me with forms (that I didn’t even know existed) that were crucial to business development, write offs, and some of the do’s and do not’s of business.Needless to say, without Reneé, I don’t know if I would have continued on the path as an entrepreneur because of how intimidating the idea was. I feel much more prepared because of her, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who has a passion that they would like to expand on.”“I found Reneé to be a very genuine and insightful coach. She is very professional as well as very personable. She challenged me to see things differently. Most particularly, I have a much better goal-setting ability since hiring Reneé.”


Autumn Schultz

President, Impetus C

“Reneé provides the professional and critical perspectives needed to assist people in operating a successful business. She knows how to accommodate the individual client, and voluntarily shares her expertise–I respect that kind of effort. It’s the “human factor” that I appreciate.”

Ann Piasecki

Cameo Memories and Photography

“Reneé listens, motivates, and is extremely compassionate to her client’s needs. She has great insight to problems that business owners deal with on a daily basis due to her own business experiences. Therefore, she is able to provide her clients with sound advice that will help them reach their goals and objectives. I would recommend her to anyone I know.”

Katie Christian

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

“When I made the decision to start my small business, it was out of passion giving very little thought to the process and details involved in running a business. Because of my novice knowledge of how to run a business and the hurdles I found difficult to overcome (how was I supposed to know that seeing an accountant would have been a good idea), I was ready to throw in the towel. I told myself that I signed up to take beautiful photographs of families, children, and relationships that would last a lifetime; not to be engulfed with taxes, forms, invoicing, reports, expenses and the list doesn’t seem to end.I contacted Reneé to discuss my decision to go back to being a hobbyist and hang up my hat as a small business owner. My mind was set, I was happy to say I gave it a try and move on. But after talking to Reneé for only half an hour, she empowered me to understand that I can fulfill my passion and be a smart business woman and that they are not mutually exclusive. She provided me with tools and the mindset to strategically move forward with my business while still enjoying the process of photography. Reneé’s coaching ability with her clients is a two-fold relationship; she has the knowledge and skills to help run my vocation, and she has the insight and intuition to emotions to continue on a path of balance and happiness of my vocation. Without Renee’s superb coaching abilities, I wouldn’t have the successful and fulfilling business I have today”.


Colette Schuler

President, Colette Schuler Photography

“Reneé is an excellent coach, who uses her business experience to help others achieve their true potential!”

Cheryl Mangan

Key Coordinator, Shaklee

Thad Gray

Founder, Lincoln-Way Toastmasters

“Finding Reneé Perry, now, rather than being out there 1 ½ years without a business coach, is my only regret. In just 3 sessions, Reneé analyzed by business needs, developing strategies specific to my companies. Interesting is how Reneé’s expertise enables her to visualize and process the needs of both a music publishing company and a start up greeting card line with attentive attention to the nuances particular to each. Renee’ clearly demonstrates her aptitude to not only identify, target and formulate precisely tailored steps to success, but, possesses intuitive business logic. I now have a concrete plan; cohesive, directed and focused, defining short and long term goals.

Thank you, Reneé! I feel like “Rocky”!”


Linda Golasky

President, Purple Octave, LLC Publishing